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Night Routine with My Toddler

Now that my son is a year old, I’ve realized the importance of having a night time routine with him. He goes to bed so much easier and I have plenty of time after he goes to bed to do my own thing.

Around 5:30 pm is when I start making dinner for him. Most nights, I just make myself dinner and make a plate for him as well. Other nights, I make his dinner and wait to eat myself after putting him to bed.

Once he’s finished eating, I make sure to give him a cup of milk then it’s to the bath we go! He loves playing in the bathtub and during this time is when I take my makeup off and do my night time skincare routine which I have explained in the previous post. Sawyer will let me know he’s ready to for bed when he starts trying to get out of the tub himself.

I dress Sawyer for bed and take him to his room where I lay him in his crib and read him a book. After finishing the book and he’s still a little fussy, I’ll put music on for him and he’s normally good for the night. By this time it’s normally 7 to 7:30 pm.

It’s not the most complicated routine out there but it is what works for us. What do you do with your little one when you put them to bed? Let me know down below!

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